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Hi! My name is Mel. I am a certified labor doula here to help you have an informed and empowered birth experience. My goal is to ensure that you feel safe, informed, and empowered throughout your birth.

I have a passion for evidence-based birth practices, informed consent, and the right to bodily autonomy. If you're ready to reimagine your birth experience fill out the form below to schedule your free consultation today!

No matter the situation, the environment, let's reimagine birth. Reimagine it into something beautiful.

I support all birthing people.

Vaccinated against COVID to support and protect all birthing families. 


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I am so grateful I had Mel as part of my birth team. She is an amazing doula that helped me in so many ways during the birth of my first child. I took a hypnobabies course during my pregnancy and was feeling pretty confident about my birthing time, and adding Mel to the team only increased my confidence. Mel was very open to learning about my hypnobabies journey and prepared to help me in a pro-hypnobabies manner.

Unfortunately I had to be induced 3 weeks early because of high blood pressure issues. My total birthing time (labor) took several days and progressed quite slowly. Mel kept in constant contact with my husband and I, and was ready to join us whenever we needed her to. She answered all my questions and offered amazing support even from afar. When she joined us as things began to progress, she coached my husband in ways to provide counter pressure and also helped me practice my breathing through birthing waves (contractions).

At one point it was looking like a c-section would be the best option for my baby and I. Mel talked me through the procedure and answered all my questions, helping to assuage my fears.

I was able to end my long labor with a vaginal birth. Mel offered to take pictures for us, and I am so glad she did because we wouldn’t have had any! After my baby was born and taken to the nursery for some oxygen support, Mel stayed with me while my husband went with baby even though I mostly slept!

During our postpartum visit Mel brought books to share with us and was ready for our questions.

Overall, Mel is an amazing doula who offers unbiased materials and information to her clients. She works so hard to make sure her clients feel heard and confident in the decisions they make. Mel is willing to offer her own opinions if you ask for them, but does so in a way that feels respectful, yet honest. She will support you in whatever your birthing journey brings.

Cassady R.


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